Nationwide Children's Hospital Beanie Baby Charity Event

Nationwide Children's Hospital
Beanie Baby Charity Event.

May 15 - June 15, 2013

"Finally, a chance to give back to the hospital that gave a gift to you, and tens of thousands of others!"

So many people have asked "How can I give back to Children's Hospital in Columbus Ohio? They gave me back my son's life..."

Here is the opportunity for you to give, and receive something in return. Nationwide Children's Hospital has helped tens of thousands of children suffering with Cancer, a severed finger, head wounds or concussion, heart problems or brain injuries and more than can be mentioned here. Parents from all over the world have come to this magnificent facility to give their children, and family, the best care available.

This charity event has been approved by Nationwide Children's Hospital.

**Please keep in mind the shipping costs of the Beanie Baby when you Donate

Here is the story: My mother, bless her soul, was carried away in the 1990's by one of the greatest movements of stuffed toy marketing: Beanie Babies. I won't say how much she spent on these original Beanies, but it was a significant amount. When she moved out of her large house to a much smaller one, these 1,100 stuffed animals needed a home. That's where I came in. I was given over 1,100 sharks, bears, elephants, snakes, Santas, and so on . . .

I had no clue what to do with them! As you know, the bottom fell out of the Beanie Baby market and to get one company to purchase first and second generation Beanies, well, to say the least: There weren't any!!! This past year, my own 2.5 year old daughter was a victim of a terrible assault from her baby sitter, biting her on the face while under the influence of medication. Never had we seen such a thing from someone who was responsible for protecting our child. Needless to say, we took her to Children's Hospital in Columbus Ohio. The staff, psychologists, nurses, assistants, doctors, and surgeons had her best interest in mind and the whole time, made sure we also were being comforted and informed.

Of course, if you knew our daughter, you would also know it was SHE who often made the doctors smile. Well, after we got through the arrests, court case and judgment, my wife and I wanted to give back in some way. I thought about the Beanie Babies and realized how they could become of great value once again. So, I contacted Nationwide Children's Hospital's charity department who, after reading my proposal, gave me approval to estabilish this Gift Giving Charity.




**Please keep in mind the shipping costs of the Beanie Baby when you Donate

Now, it's time to give. Please click on the DONATE button to give a gift to Nationwide Children's Hospital. Your gift is tax deductible and after donating, you will receive a form to print for your taxes.

We are requesting a donation of at least $25, but please feel free to give as much as you desire, and please remember the cost of shipping.

With every DONATION, you will receive a Beanie Baby from my mother's 'hoard'. It will be sent to the shipping address. Remember, these Beanie Babies have been kept in special protective containers all these years. Their tags are surrounded in plastic. They are collector's items.

Please feel free to call Nationwide for verification at 614-355-0818. Speak with Traci Crabtree or email her at

Now is a great time to donate to Children's. Help me achieve my goal of at least $15,000. Every child that is cared for by Nationwide Children's Hospital, will appreciate your gift.

**Please keep in mind the shipping costs of the Beanie Baby when you Donate


Who knows, you may get a Righty or Lefty, Princess Bear or Santa, Dragon or Kangaroo. Beanies will be selected from a paper lottery.  From the heart, I thank you.

Timothy Kojoma


For more information from the IRS concerning tax deductibility, CLICK HERE